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18 July 2018

Along with the development of science and technology, scientists have conducted research to develop food that is devoted to dogs and cats like dry food by taking into account in detail the basic nutritional needs and the convenience factor for animal owners.

18 July 2018

Cultivation of catfish in Indonesia that requires their own creativity and innovation has a long story, ranging from the circulation of the names of types of catfish such as Dumbo, Sangkuriang, Masamo, and Mutiara. While from the side of the cultivation system, it was ranging from traditional cultivation system, semi-flok, biofloc, water, to aquaponic. However, has the cultivation of catfish in Indonesia reached its optimum point yet?

06 November 2017

Often when we find our pet scratching excessively due to itching, we immediately assume that the cause is food allergies. This time we will discuss more deeply about allergies especially food allergies.


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