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1988 - PT Matahari Sakti founded by Mrs. Dewi Puspita Prijadi. At its inception, the MS only producing shrimp feed with the brand Fengli.

1991 - PT Matahari Sakti relocate their factories to Margomulyo Industrial Area and inaugurated by President Soeharto in Batam together with several other companies in 1990.


1997 - PT Matahari Sakti started producing sinking fis feed. At the beggining of the production of the fish feed MS has penetretated throughout Indonesia, especially East Java.

1998 - In addition in shrimp and fish feed, in 1998 PT Matahari Sakti started producing feed the birds chirping, Chirpy.


2000 - PT Matahari Sakti began operating the extruder to produce floating fish feed and fish feed production koi .

2003 - PT Matahari Sakti expanding the area of the factory Margomulyo Industri Areal. This is done to meet the demand for aquaculture feed.

2006 - Plant Gempol, Pasuruan start operations.


2007 - PT Matahari Sakti implementing the standard ISO 9001 : 2001 to improve feed quality management.

2013 - Build a new factory in Tangerang, West Java.


Margomulyo Industri I Blok A9-13
Surabaya, 60183 East Java - Indonesia
Phone : +62 31 749 1199 (Hunting)
Fax : +62 31 749 0545

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