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Yayasan Matahari Tangan Kasih

Yayasan Matahari Tangan Kasih

Yayasan Matahari Tangan Kasih, or abbreviated with YMTK, has been established by Act Number 22 Date 09.16.2014 passed by Dian Silviyana Khusnarini. Has registered Registration Certificate of Social Service: 466.3 / 2528 / 436.6.15 / 2014 24/03/14 date, and has been endorsed by decree Menkumham No: AHU-06171.50.10.2014 date of 09/17/2014. TIN: 31.817.817.5-614.000 registered 19/08/2013. Address: Jl. Margomulyo Industri I Blok A9-13 Surabaya

Visions support the improvement of health and education, as well as the Environment created the clean and healthy for society. Activities that have been carried out, among others provide financial aid for education at the elementary school, junior high school, and senior high school. Provide assistance for people who are less able to selectively. 

Caretaker of Yayasan Matahari Tangan Kasih :

  • Chairman : Rudy Purwono
  • Secretary : Nenti Nurjanah
  • Treasurer : Lis Diana

Executing these activities can cooperate with various parties who have the same mission.

YMTK is open to anyone who has the education and health care to set aside his personal funds. YMTK funds reported transparently. Correspondant Bank YMTK : BCA Branch Darmo Surabaya, AC.088 6090 999, on behalf of the Yayasan Matahari Tangan Kasih and Mandiri Branch G-Walk Citraraya Surabaya, AC. 141 000 9060 997, on behalf of the Yayasan Matahari Tangan Kasih


Margomulyo Industri I Blok A9-13
Surabaya, 60183 East Java - Indonesia
Phone : +62 31 749 1199 (Hunting)
Fax : +62 31 749 0545

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