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Matahari Cipta Sentosa

Matahari Cipta Sentosa



PT Matahari Cipta Sentosa (MCS) is a business unit of MS engaged in shrimp farm and hatchery fish. MCS has now operate two shrimp farm located in Situbondo area of approximately 5 hectares and in Probolinggo area of approximately 9 hectares. In addition to vaname shrimp farming, shrimp farm is also used to test the quality of shrimp feed research MS. 

As for the fish hatchery, the MCS currently operates five units of hatchery fish that is at 2 units in Pasuruan, and each 1 unit in Jambi, Lampung and Banjarmasin. One success of hatchery fish MCS is in the development of several types of fish seed, among other things, named Masamo catfish, tilapia or tilapia named Mentaris and most recently the catfish named Gondeta.  








Margomulyo Industri I Blok A9-13
Surabaya, 60183 East Java - Indonesia
Phone : +62 31 749 1199 (Hunting)
Fax : +62 31 749 0545

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